New resources uploaded onto the website ~

There have been several resources shared over the last few weeks which I have uploaded onto the site. “Mille mercis” to those who have shared their ideas and hard work.

International Baccalaureate

On our new International Baccalaureate page we have some creative ideas shared by Stefanie Hossbach (St Margaret’s) while she is on LIA in Annonay.

1. Stefanie has shared 61 photos taken in France for use as stimuli for the Individual Oral internal assessment.
2. She has created a unit of work around the Anna Gavalda short story, “Happy Meal”.
3. For use with the topics of “Travail” or “Bénévolat”, Stefanie has shared a worksheet based on an application letter. This provides the basis for discussion and practice around registers of language.
4. An absolutely formidable resource shared by Stefanie is entitled “Le Bonheur”. This series of lessons looks at “happiness” from different angles using a variety of texts and references. Stefanie’s lesson plans and resources are outstanding.

I have also created a “drop-down” box with useful IB websites. I encourage our IB teachers to have a look at these and to send me other websites which teachers may find useful. As I do not teach IB myself, and have also found copyright to cover pretty much everything produced, I would welcome your resources, suggestions and useful links.

NCEA resources

1. Stefanie has made a comprehensive list of up-to-date expressions used by French youngsters. These can be found under Latest Trends on the Level 7 & 8 page.
2. Anna Gavalda’s “Happy Meal” and associated unit of work can be found on the same page under Creative Arts
3. The Lettre de Motivation (IB point 3 above) can also be found under Getting a Job on the Level 7 & 8 page.
4. Sue Pommerède has shared a resource for use at Level 1 & 2. Using the cultural aspect of “Les fêtes en France”, this combines culture with the practice of saying dates in French. Two students work together asking for dates and giving dates in turn. This can be found under Birthdays and special occasions
5. Ray Genet’s inspiring ideas accompanying the song “SOS d’un terrien en detresse”, sung by the Kazakh singer, Dimash Kudaibergen, a contestant in a popular talent show in China, can be found on our Level 7 & 8 page, under The Creative Arts.
6. An anonymous contribution suitable for Levels 3 & 4 (passé composé) has been placed under General Resources on this page. This is a Battleships game. Thank you to whoever shared it!
7. On our Levels 1 & 2 page under Belongings ~ pets and school items, I have placed a gapfill exercise shared by Laetitia Grall. Dealing with the “Dans mon sac” vocabulary, this guides students through the most useful words in a handy worksheet.
8. Stefanie Hossbach’s series of lessons on “Le Bonheur” (see IB point 4) can be found on our Levels 7 & 8 page under Health and Well-being.

Moderated questions from Auckland exam creation workshop

On 1 April, 8 teachers gathered at St Mary’s and worked for several hours on the creation of single, moderated questions suitable for NCEA “mock” exams. There are still quite a few questions in the process of being completed, but at the moment we have two uploaded onto the site and ready to go:
1. 1.4 Reading question created by Sue Birdsall (St Cuthbert’s) and Priscilla Pollard (St Mary’s) – topic: Exchange to Nouméa
2. 2.4 Reading question created by Sue Birdsall (St Cuthbert’s) and Priscilla Pollard (St Mary’s) – topic: Alex Hepburn, singer
3. 1.1 Listening question created by Sue Birdsall (St Cuthbert’s) and Priscilla Pollard (St Mary’s) – topic: Travel abroad

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