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Education Perfect Listening Comprehension Activities

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​for NZAFT member schools

Education Perfect have developed resources with over 300 extended listening comprehension and speaking activities across French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Italian, Chinese and Maori, and we want to offer you complimentary access to these until February 2018.

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High quality listening activities to engage your students:

Available for French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Italian, Chinese and Maori
Animated videos for students to watch and respond to.
A variety of female and male native speakers.
Great practice for students as they learn a new topic or are preparing for exams.
Students receive instant feedback and can view model answers.
Teachers can view student answers online and send feedback to them, as well as view detailed analytics on student progress.
Teachers can assign work as a task, or as an assessment.
Activities cater to both primary school and secondary school learners.

If you would like to use these with your students you are very welcome to access these resources until February 2018.

If you know of any teachers that may find this useful, please feel free to forward this email onto them and invite them to register for free.

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The Education Perfect Team |

Over 30 commonly studied topics covered including:

Elementary: Greetings and Introductions, Numbers and Age, Classroom, Family, Animals, Food

Beginner: Greetings and Introductions, Family and Pets, Classroom, Days and Birthdays, Countries and Nationalities, Liking/Disliking food, Describing people, School Subjects, Leisure activities, my house…

Intermediate: Ordering in a restaurant, fashion and shopping for clothing, my town and giving directions, going on holiday, party time, organising an outing with friends, daily routine, at the doctor’s, describing a holiday…

Advanced: Future plans, the environment, technology and social media, cinema

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