Creér-des-liens #30

Créer-des-liens #30

5th February 2018

“Je n’ai jamais été cool – et je m’en fou” ~ Celine Dion

Welcome to the start of the academic year everyone. I know that you will all be excited to meet students, greet familiar faces, colleagues and launch into what is promising to be a wonderful year with many opportunities for both us as educators and, our students.

Add to this the recently announced Céline Dion concert on August 12th and really, the year couldn’t have started any better! With a glut of songs to teach all sorts of grammar including but not limited to J’irai ou tu iras, On ne change pas, Pour que tu m’aimes encore, Ce n’était qu’un rêve and many more, my students can’t wait to start putting their playlists together…

OK, this may be slightly over-optimistic of me but this aside, there is a lot of amazing stuff happening this year and a few of these are listed below.  

In this issue:

  • Why become a member of the NZAFT?
  • Concours for 2018
  • External Exams and the NZQA feedback form
  • NCEA info flyers
  • Best Practice Workshops
  • AF Film festival
  • NZALT conference
  • Mark Williams Award reports
  • For teachers ~ Kit de Survie

Why become a member of the NZAFT?

As we kick off the school year, let’s remind ourselves of the benefits (to ourselves and our teaching community) of belonging to our subject association.

We are witnessing an unprecedented decline in the number of students learning a language at school, and the devaluing of language learning is evident in reduced hours in many of our schools.  Our government is talking about a “review” of NCEA – who knows what changes may flow on from that?  Every voice counts, so perhaps you’d like to consider adding yours to those already members of the NZAFT.

Check out our mission statement and our promotional video.


The final competition for 2018 was a Prezi/Slideshow competition for years 7, 8 and 9.  Congratulations to our winners!

Year 7:    Pascale Bowie, Queen Margaret College

Year 8:    Ella Whitcombe, St Mary’s College

Year 9:    Zein Abdeldayem, Rangitoto College

You can look at all the entries on our results page and perhaps use them to inspire your new students.

Concours 2018

As we indicated last year, the Executive decided to give our competitions a new face this year… using Facebook.  We hope to engender some enthusiasm among our French students with a new platform.

Our first competition will start in March sometime.  However, we ask teachers who are interested in participating to go to our Facebook group page and join the group.  Members will be given “admin” status so that they can manage their students’ membership of the group and their competition entries.

External Exams and the NZQA feedback form

Typically at this time of the year, NZQA makes available a mechanism for the teaching profession to feedback on the external achievement standards for each year level.

As of time of writing, the NZAFT hasn’t received this link but rest assured that we will pass it on if NZQA makes this processes open to us again this year.

NCEA info flyers

A message from Rosaria, our National Advisor at ILEP:

On the National French Advisers website here, you will find flyers as guides of reference for NCEA levels 1-3. Stephanie Mortimore and Belinda Sydenham, Teacher Development Advisers at ILEP have kindly compiled them. You can double click on these and download them as PDFs to save to your desktop, for example.

We have compiled the relevant NCEA documents i.e. achievement standards, moderator newsletters, clarifications etc. as well as some useful information such as how to sign up to the French teachers’ forum. We hope that this will make the start of year a little easier as we understand that navigating the NZQA website can take some time and now all the documents are available in one place.

We welcome feedback for these. Feel free to distribute with any French-teaching colleagues or email the relevant adviser for the equivalent in another language.

Alliance Française – 2018 Film Festival

Once again, this year we are spoiled for choice with an amazing selection of films as part of the AF French Film Festival. The festival always includes a selection of films for students of French and this year is no exception.

Details of the festival are on the Alliance’s website with all details on their Education outreach program here including resources, materials and study guides developed by the Alliance and the ILEP team.

NZQA Workshops

It will not have escaped the notice of many amongst you that NZQA have not advertised any Best Practice Workshops for 2018. A draft plan is available on their website however, nothing confirmed. Due to this ILEP is currently arranging for Shirley Bain to run best practice workshops.

Details and dates to follow in due course.

Mark Williams Award reports

On our Mark Williams page you can read the reports of two of last year’s recipients; Priscilla Pollard, St Mary’s College, and Suzy Lallement, Shirley Boys’ High School.

Details regarding this year’s applications will become available later in the year.  However, take a look at our Mark Williams page to see if your project this year would be eligible for an award of $200.

For teachers ~ Kit de Survie

Before you waste any time searching for any information regarding NCEA assessment, visit our Kit de Survie on the For Teachers page.  Links to everything you need to know are on this page – click on “Kit de Survie” for all the information.  The 2018 Timetable is also available with a pleasing placement of Level 1 and 2 assessments early in the exams.

NZALT Conference

July this year sees the biannual NZALT conference, which will be taking place in Auckland this year. Keynote speakers have been announced and the call for papers process details, registration information and other details can all be found on their website.

Bonne rentrée!

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