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Moderation 3.2

Please could someone listen to this speech. The student has been on scholarship in Switzerland and consequently, her accent is heavily influenced. Merci

Moderation 3.2

Please could someone listen to this speech and check if it meets the requirements for excellence? The student is extremely conscientious and I would hate to have it downgraded for her. Merci

Moderation 2.5

Hi all If anyone could lend a hand in having a look over my 6 level 2 writing tasks, I would be most grateful. I am new to marking NCEA so any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance

Moderation 1.5

Sorry colleagues, I think I posted the wrong folder yesterday in my haste to get this completed! If anyone has a few mins to look over a sample of my writing portfolios, I would be grateful. Many thanks

Moderation 1.5 I am new to marking NCEA level 1 work. I have included my comments in the folder. If anyone could kindly look over my comments and add in, I would be grateful of any advice. If anyone could look at just a sample of the work I would appreciate it. Many thanks.