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  • Créer-des-liens #26 (7/5/2017)

    Créer-des-liens #26

    05 juillet 2017

    L’habit ne fait pas le moine ~ inconnu

    Term II holidays are upon us and like you, I am more than ready for the winter break with two weeks of quiet after the business of a busy and demanding term before we enter into the gambit of internal assessments, school exams and the lead into NCEA externals (dare I even say it this early!).

    Term III is shaping up to be an interesting one with a great deal of PLD on offer, resources and events and of course, spring around the corner. Take a moment to read through some of what I’ve heard about below and as always, if you have a resource, a story of success, a link, festival or similar to share please do send it to me at – I’d love to hear from you!

    In this issue:

    • Upcoming PLD
    • Moderated exams
    • Language Assistant Program
    • Moderation forum

    Upcoming PLD

    ILEP has recently been advertising a range of pertinent and targeted PLD available to all Language Teachers right across the country that has been created as a result of the feedback given by us, teachers, to them via recently surveys.

    From Rosaria – National French Advisor at ILEP:

    “The 21st Century French Teaching in Aotearoa Seminar will be held across the country in Weeks 1, 2 and 3 of Term 3. See this flyer.

     There will be two sessions (9-12) and (1-4pm) so you can set half a day’s relief, if need be, or better still, attend both!! Refreshments will be provided but please bring your own lunch.


     Session 1 will be aimed at authentic intercultural task-based learning in French that will engage students in a meaningful way. (Part 2 of Manu Menard’s workshop).


     Session 2 will be aimed at lifting language learning outcomes using technology and 21st Century Skills. Think digital collaboration in the New Conceptual age using French. 


     No prior knowledge of content is required, but these will be differentiated in French if you have attended any similar workshops in the past. Bring plenty of creative inspiration to share!

     Paroles des profs will involve a convivial meet-up at a local café the afternoon before or after the session (4-5pm) in your region to discuss local needs and to foster general collegiality and bien-être .

     Register for the French workshops by emailing Please indicate your attendance at either sessions (or both) by indicating session 1, 2 or both and the location.  Email Rosaria at if you wish to attend the Paroles des Profs.


     Note that the online workshop option is there if you can’t make the date or place! Venues are yet to be confirmed and we welcome any offers.


     For those who have requested Stephanie Mortimore’s ‘Maximising the Value of Learning Languages’ seminar, this will come to a town near you (by request) in Week 4 and 5 of Term 3 in a nationwide inaugural ILEP roadshow. Details for this will follow at the end of July.”


    Please consider attending so that we can continue to benefit from such fantastic opportunities. Manu’s materials are always fantastic (please do note however that he won’t be present in person) and in light of the drive for integrated teaching using ICT in our classrooms and the incredible scope this affords Languages teachers, these workshops will be highly worthwhile for the development of classroom practice, student retention and achievement!

    Moderated Exams available

    As we enter the dreaded period of Internal Exams, do remember that a generous set of teachers have made available moderated exams for our use for members of the NZAFT.

    There are three Level Two listening questions, complete with sound files.  These can be downloaded from our 2.1 page here as well as other moderated questions for Levels 1 and 2.

    Languages Assistant Program

    A quick reminder to teachers regarding the Language Assistant Programme managed by the French Embassy in New Zealand – a great option as a gap year for your Year 13s who would like to look at time in France.

    Read the information here.


    Moderation Forum

    Finally, I’d like to remind you that, as an NZAFT member, you have access to the “moderation forum” on our NZAFT website.  This is a discreet and professional way of asking for help with assessment judgements which ensures the privacy of the student.

    1. Fill in the form on the Moderation Forum page (detailed instructions are on the page)
    2. Include a LINK to your student’s work (you are no able to upload it for reasons of privacy)
    3. Then, importantly, put a message on the Discussion Forum to inform your colleagues that you are requesting help.

    This is an excellent way of getting advice and help.  Members of your Exec are part of a group of French teachers doing an online Best Practices Workshop at the moment, and they are learning so much by collaborating.  We can’t recommend enough the power of teamwork!

    Other news ~ Check « Quoi de neuf? » on our Home Page

    Stay in step with happenings by check out the Quoi de neuf section on the homepage of our site, subscribing to the newsletter and encouraging your friends and colleagues to be active members.

    Have a wonderful break everyone and we’ll see you in Term III!

    À la prochaine!


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