Créer-des-liens #20

1 February 2016

– Je cherche des amis.  Qu’est-ce que signifie « apprivoiser » ?
– C’est une chose trop oubliée, dit le renard. Ça signifie « créer des liens… »

 [Le Petit Prince ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]

Welcome to 2016!  The NZAFT Executive wishes you all the best for an enjoyable and successful year; making friends, networking, sharing and creating links.

NZAFT membership

To join the NZAFT for the 2016 calendar year please fill in this form.  Payment instructions are given once you click “submit”.  The fees are $35 per annum with an “early bird” discount of $5 if you pay before the end of term 1.

New website

While you’re here, spend some time investigating our new website.  This website will replace which will be discontinued at the end of this month.  Many of the elements of the new website have been created in response to requests from members, so feel free to take advantage of these.

The Executive is “rewarding” the first ten teachers who contribute to the website by uploading a teaching or assessment resource.  If you have a great game, activity or learning/assessment resource, NOW is the time to upload it.  Remember, only NZAFT members can access shared resources, so join the association to enjoy this advantage.

Two special rewards for early forum participation:

Mary Hamill, Western Heights High School, qualifies for the first, special, reward as she was the first to reply to the opening discussion forum topic.  To participate in the discussion forum you must register on the site (this is free and open to anyone).  New topics appear in the right hand sidebar on the Home Page.

Cleo Lassaube, Rosehill College, qualifies for the second reward.  Cléo asked a question about RAMS for a pétanque tournament. By replying to her question in the forum, the information you give remains on the site for teachers to refer to in the future.

Resource sharing

Sandrine Ellis, Takapuna Grammar School, was the first to share a resource – in fact she has shared two film study activities.  “Tais-toi”, suitable for years 9 and 10, can be found on the NZC levels 1&2 page.  This looks like great fun for juniors and a good relief activity.  “Astérix et Obélix – Mission Cléopâtre” is suitable for year 11 and can be found on the NZC levels 5&6 page.  Thank you, Sandrine, your reward will be arriving in the next week or so.

Other news

 The following news items can be accessed through the “Quoi de Neuf?” section of our Home Page.

Links regarding the NZALT Biennial Conference (registration and accommodation)

Closing dates for PD opportunities (Stage de Nouméa, AFS immersion programme, NZALT PD award)

French Film Festivals (online and Alliance Française)

Changes to assessment conditions for internal portfolio assessments

… and much more


À la prochaine!

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