Créer-des-liens #21

13 March 2016

Rien ne réussit comme le succès ~ Alexandre Dumas (1802 – 1870)

NZAFT membership

A reminder that the “early bird” discount expires at the end of the term.  For $2.50 per month you will have access to the support and expertise of willing, experienced French teachers all over New Zealand.  Through your Association Executive your opinions and demands are not lost, but passed on to the people who need to hear them.  Why not take advantage of this opportunity to enhance (and facilitate) your teaching experience?  To join, complete this form.  Payment instructions are given once you click “submit”.

New uploads

  1. Hilary de Joux, Waimea College, shared a set of cards to encourage interaction at junior level. She writes:

These cue cards are based on Studio Module 3 unit 1, Mon Ordi et Mon Portable. They combine technology activities with frequencies. To play clones, make 2 or 3 sets and distribute – students interact asking and answering questions until they find their clone. Page 1 is one set of 9, page 2 is a second set of 9, each one differing in one or two details so students need to interact as much as possible to find their clone- I have found it works best if they ask questions in random order. For a smaller class or group, one set of cards could be used as a simple speaking activity, I’ve found them good for developing confidence and speaking skills early in year 10 until they have more spontaneity.

Download these cards here.

  1. Verna Morris, Dunstan High School, has re-shared an updated version of her useful “topic selection” documents for levels 1 and 2 writing and interact portfolios. Each document contains complete instructions for the students as well as a large number of carefully constructed tasks based on a number of topics.  Click to download:  2.3, 2.5, 3.3 and 3.5
  1. On the NZC levels 1 to 4 assessment page Estelle Seaman, Rangitoto College, has uploaded two assessments which may be useful right now:
  • Accés Studio ~ units 1 to 7 ~ practice test AND real test
  • Studio 2 ~ Module 1, units 1 to 4 (i.e. up to the Passé Composé) ~ listening, reading and writing test.
  1. Remember to visit the NZC resource pages for resources, and of course to share any you find useful.

Website tip

There is an ever-increasing store of links to web pages freely available on our Resources Online page.  As teachers share their favourite websites these are added to the page with “tag words” to make them easily searchable.  Have a look at the page and feel free to send any great new website you come across so that it can be added.

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 Hawkes Bay French Association local schools art competition:

Closing date 21 March

For more information email James

NZALT student competition for 2016 ~ Languages in Careers

NZALT professional development award

Thinking of doing some PD and short of support?  Check out the NZALT offer.


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