Créer-des-liens #25

Créer-des-liens #25

01 juin 2017

Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid ~ inconnu

Welcome to issue two of Créer des liens for Term II. There is SO MUCH happened for French teachers across Aotearoa that it’s been hard to reduce it down but there is always more that we don’t know about. If you have a resource, a story of success, a link, festival or similar to share please do send it to me at – I’d love to hear from you!

In this issue:

  • LanguagePerfect World Champs
  • New Resources
  • Upcoming events
  • Competition reminder
  • RAMP document

Language Perfect World Championships

As per usual, this year’s LanguagePerfect world championships was a huge success for French teachers and Languages across the country. With so many participants and so much publicity for Languages inside our schools, this is undeniably a major event in our calendar.

Well done to all schools and students. I for one am looking forward to handing out those certificates at assemblies.

A special congratulations has to go out to Emma Bergh and her students at Westmount School who took out the competition. Details of her amazing achievements are here. Congratulations!

New Resources

As advertised on the site and in our discussion forum, there are new resources which are available on the site since our last Créer-des-liens including:

  • Education Perfect Listening Comprehension Activities (see this for information on how to access them for free).
  • A great thinking activity from Estelle Seaman called “Jeu d’évasion” (inspired by Aurélie Kerbellec and Danielle Payne’s talk at Langsem) where students are given 8 puzzles to solve to create a sentence – then they have a ticket to leave at the end of the period.  Instructions and the Word document can be found under “Environmental Issues“.  Great thinking activity.
  • A very useful resource from Sue Pommarède which structures a conversation about a Holiday in Nouméa that guides the students through an interaction with responses, follow up questions and opinions. Ideal for preparing students for the 1.3 Interact Standard.  This resource can be downloaded under “Holidays” on our Level 5 & 6 page.  Thanks Sue!
  • Julia Brown has generously shared two practice reading exams – Level 1 and Level 2.
    The topics for the Level 1 exam (1.4) are

    Tal – a French singer, Decathlon – a French chain store, Looking after your teeth and the Topics for the Level 2 exam (2.4) are

    Love or Friendship, Robots, Voting
    Please note that these exams are not moderated.  If you would like to take on the task of moderating them, please contact Julia at Dilworth School.

If you have a resource, please consider sharing it with colleagues. You can do this on the website here.

Upcoming Events

Waikato LangSem is taking place June 2nd at the Hamilton Airport Hotel. More details here including location, times and content on their FaceBook page. Registrations are still open!

The Alliance Française has several events across the country upcoming related to Fête de la Musique and more. For details, check out the websites for:

August will see Le French Festival take place in Auckland at Queen’s Wharf on the 26th. With more than more than 30 stalls present where you can discover some of French habits, tastes and oldest traditions.

“Come and take your breakfast “à la française” with coffee and croissant! Enjoy an exquisite glass of French wine and eat French cheese… Discover the funniest and the world’s least tiring sport: “la pétanque” … With a glass of Pastis of course! Be surprised and captivated by the French short films we will project all day long. But your French is very bad? Go to the lesson we organized just for you and learn your first words… & more!”

Details here and with free entry there are several reasons to head along.

Competition Reminder

The NZAFT Competition for Term 2 is the Song Competition – for students studying at Levels 3 and 4.  Solos, duos, groups – whatever – please encourage your students to sing up a storm and enter the competition.  Details on our Competition Page.

Other news ~ Check « Quoi de neuf? » on our Home Page

Stay in step with happenings by check out the Quoi de neuf section on the homepage of our site, subscribing to the newsletter and encouraging your friends and colleagues to be active members.

Final parting thoughts go to considering joining teams across NZ as markers and panel leaders for NCEA examinations. There are still vacancies for both panel leaders and markers. Positions will be advertised soon so keep your eyes peeled and do consider getting involved!

With your support and contributions, we are all better off!

À la prochaine J




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