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Bonjour everyone
I am grappling with this presentation. She has errors of all kinds, but are there too many? The question I suppose is has she “successfully” used sufficient language features for E? Although there are tense errors etc, I don’t think they hinder understanding. I would welcome your advice:

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  1. suep says:

    Hi Estelle,

    I think that it is worth an E. She does develop information and opinions supported by reasons. The range of her language is impressive and it is clear to understand. The only thing that would make me hesitate is that it isn’t really as confident as I’d like to see for an E, but then that isn’t part of the judgement criteria.


  2. SusannaLallemant says:

    Queenie is awesome. I understood everything, and the small hesitations are within the range of what you would see in a real speech. I agree that she isn’t *dazzling* as an orator but heck, she is in yr 12. We can’t expect her to be a TV presenter. Our most recent Best Practice stressed the importance of upping the kids “presentation skills” but I think it is not fair to judge them on that yet because we haven’t been training those skills as much, so yer, I’d go E.

  3. Estelle Seaman says:

    Thanks Suzy – it’s the errors that had me undecided here. I know we aren’t supposed to “count” errors, but when there are really plenty… I now try counting the “successfully used” bits and pieces, but then are they at the correct level? It’s a game of tag, really, with so many criteria to consider. No wonder the kids take maths and science – there’s only one right answer.

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