Moderation 1.2

Final moderation query for this guy:

Some development there and small only issues but it was quite basic and I’m thinking M but it’s tough and the moderator isn’t sure either way either. A third opinion would be welcome 🙂 Leaning towards merit but is it a low E? I’m not convinced but want to make sure I’m being fair…

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  1. Estelle Seaman says:

    Hi Aaron
    I don’t think you can give this presentation an E – there are two English words in there which, while they are similar to the French, would count as hindering understanding. There are also a few places where he swallows his words and I can’t understand what he’s saying – but that may just be me… I’d go for M.

  2. dpayne says:

    Hi Aaron,

    I agree with Estelle. The student would need a more consistently successful use of language in order for him to gain Excellence, as understanding is hindered in some places due to these inconsistencies. Therefore M.

  3. Aaron says:

    Thanks both for this, greatly appreciated!

  4. SusannaLallemant says:

    I understood him, but that might be because I teach at a boys’ school. I’d be very very tempted to give him E because he is detailed and develops etc. And he is in front of his class hence the stress is on.

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