Créer-des-liens #27

Créer-des-liens #27

08 août 2017

Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir ~ inconnu

Term III is upon us and for most, that means internal assessments, feedback, feed forward, moderation, marking, mock exams and less sleep as we push our way to the soon looming externals.

It is a busy term for teachers and students alike. Reserves (and patience) are, at times, depleted, the to-do lists are seemingly endless, PSTs are in our classrooms and winter is still lingering. More than at any other time of the year, we as teachers are feeling the pressure so as my Year 13 form class told the school this morning in their student-run assembly, remember to take time out for yourself. Leave the marking at home, have a weekend free of planning, eat well, sleep, get exercise and look after yourselves because a tired, worn out teacher is not an effective, inspiring teacher.

On that note, below are some avenues for support, escapes, titbits of information and events that will hopefully help us all get through the term sains et saufs!

In this issue:

  • PLD in your region
  • Young Ambassadors – it’s back!
  • Francophone Forum
  • Moderation forum
  • Competitions
  • International Languages Week 2017
  • Quoi de neuf? Happenings, events and items of interest

Upcoming PLD

The events section and homepage of the NZAFT website is frequently updated with news and information about things happening in your region(s). Set us as your homepage and check out what’s on in your area as there is a lot.

The month alone there is a live debate happening between schools in Auckland, French festivals, free public lectures from Jo Lo Bianco from Melbourne University on the need for a National Languages Policy and much more. If something is happening in your region, city or town please let me know!  

ILEP is putting on a range of PLD workshops over the coming weeks at which I will have the pleasure of presenting. Please, come along, support them so they can keep supporting you and if you see me, make yourself known! Workshops are scheduled to take place in Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Whangarei, Tauranga, Napier, New Plymouth and Palmerston North. See for flyers and details.

Moderation Forum

As we enter the moderation season, we would love you all to make use of the moderation forum on the NZAFT site. This is a fantastic facility for those of us who are single TICS, sole teachers of our language(s) in our schools and for whom travel is a necessity for moderation. Details on how to make the most of this amazing tool below:

  1. Fill in the form on the Moderation Forum page (detailed instructions are on the page)
  2. Include a LINK to your student’s work (you are no able to upload it for reasons of privacy)
  3. Then, importantly, put a message on the Discussion Forum to inform your colleagues that you are requesting help.

This is an excellent way of getting advice and help.  Members of your Exec are part of a group of French teachers doing an online Best Practices Workshop at the moment, and they are learning so much by collaborating.  We can’t recommend enough the power of teamwork!

Young Ambassadors – 2018

Many of you will be aware of the Shared Histories project as launched back a few years ago in commemoration of WW1’s centenary and the amazing opportunity afforded to our students in the form of the Young Ambassadors trip.

Well, it’s back! See below for a message from Pascale Seignolles:

« Dans le cadre de la Commémoration de la WW1, un nouveau et dernier voyage de 6 jeunes lycéens néo-zélandais, «  Jeunes Ambassadeurs 2018 », est lancé !

A la différence de 2014 et 2016, ces élèves de Y11 ou Y 12 sélectionnés en Nouvelle-Zélande, participeront à un voyage en France de 3 semaines, au mois de juillet 2018 et prendront part  à la création de capsules vidéo pour conserver et transmettre la mémoire de leur voyage, mises en ligne sur notre site et à disposition des enseignants.

Parallèlement,  et pour la toute première fois, de jeunes lycéens français seront également sélectionnés par les académies d’Amiens et Lille pour venir en Nouvelle-Zélande partager Anzac day 2018, et passer quelques jours chez les Jeunes Ambassadeurs néo-zélandais sélectionnés.

Pour toute information ou questions, contactez »

Stay tuned for more on this exceptional opportunity over the coming months.

Forum de la Francophonie 2017

From September 7-9 this year our president, Danielle Payne, will be attending the 2017 Forum de la Francophonie in Noumea as hosted by CREIPAC. The forum’s aim is to promote the interests of la Francophonie in the region and the forum promises to be an engaging one which some may wish to attend.

Details about the event can be found on our website with full programs and information here at the CREIPAC site.

International Languages week 2017

This is almost upon us and we are blessed to have a supportive, dynamic network or teachers, ILEP and resources at our fingertips to help make the most of the unique promotional week for French.

Rosaria Campbell has recently provided us with this poster for use in our school and there is a plethora of materials at the NZALT Website as well as the NZAFT website.  Share your ideas and resources, stories and successes on our discussion forum – we’d love to hear about all that you do!

Further materials to Brochures to download for parents and students here plus links to reasons to learn French here.  Thank you, Rosaria!

Other news ~ Check « Quoi de neuf? » on our Home Page

There are a number of competitions and exciting opportunities for us to take advantage of. I mentioned the debating competition above but the NZALT Competition is currently taking place with entries due on 11th August (see details here).

Also open at the moment in the NZAFT Competition! We would LOVE to see as many entries as possible and rely on your support to make it as successful as it could be. In case you’ve forgotten the details:

The comp is open to levels 7 and 8 (Years 12 and 13) and is in the form of a Video Clip competition.

There are five structured topics relevant at these levels and which are an ideal opportunity for your students to prepare a “practice” presentation or simply to show off their oral skills.

Topics are:

  1. A. Promoting New Zealand as a tourist destination
  2. Kiwi advice to French teenagers about relaxing and managing their stress
  3. C. Motivating your request to the UN for hosting a Syrian refugee
  4. D. Presenting a local environmental issue about which you are concerned
  5. E. Presenting your ideas about the impact that social media has had on teens

The criteria used for judging will be the same as for NCEA presentations at each level.  Content, development of ideas, justification of opinions, critical responses, complexity and appropriateness of language and communication – as well as delivery techniques – will be taken into consideration.

We look forward to seeing your clips!

Entries close on 15th September and complete details available here.

Finally, thank you to those who took the time to enter your students for our 2017 Song competition. We thoroughly enjoyed the entries and are pleased to announce the results here. Congratulations to all the winners!

Bon courage à tous et à toutes.




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