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It would be great to get some other opinions on this speech – do you think she has done enough for a low Achieved? not great pronunciation but she has managed to use some past tense verbs correctly…. Me and my moderator are not 100% sure…

here is the link: https://youtu.be/HVPROd7znGQ

Merci d’avance!!


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  1. Aaron says:

    For me this is an Achieved, Julie. There are definitely places where the communication is hindered and that alone make it an Achieved only. I can understand her overall though so communication is achieved.

  2. Estelle Seaman says:

    I agree with Aaron, Julie, but it is a very low achieved. She has done what the standard requires – delivered a presentation which is about a minute in length, she has conveyed personal information and opinions, communicated beyond the present (there are some correct past tenses) and communication overall is achieved. However, as you say, her pronunciation makes it difficult to understand everything (at 31 seconds, for example), but I think she has done the necessary.

  3. annabeth says:

    My only comment on this is that I think it’s read entirely too much- she’s not familiar at all with the speech. That’s why I’d be tempted to give it an N/A. I think on a linguistic level, she’s just done enough- she’s communicated beyond the present, she’s conveyed personal information and communication is achieved overall. It’s just that she’s effectively just reading it out of her book.

  4. SusannaLallemant says:

    She gets A for sure. She did a great job at doing what was asked of her, and I think we can’t fail her for looking so much at the script because in Best Practice recently we were told “if they make eye contact, then that’s all that counts”. We were told NOT to move their grade up or down because of it – either they make SOME eye contact or they don’t. And she does.

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