Moderation 2.5

Bonjour. I’d appreciate your advice on this one. What he’s saying is great but it’s how he says it. Mistakes like “mais nous savions que cela grave encore pour lui” and “Je devrais le bon rendre” definitely hinder understanding, but is this good enough for Merit?

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  1. Estelle Seaman says:

    Désolée, here is the link to view:

  2. admin says:

    This is absolutely a Merit Level. I would actually be debating whether it’s an E rather than an M.

    For me this is Effective, capably selected and successfully used language with a suitable range of CL7 features, and communication definitely not hindered. He has also got plenty of development and the justifications are there.

  3. Mary Marshall says:

    I think this is indeed a very good Merit – there were a couple of sections that were somewhat baffling to me at the start, but having re-read and thought, it seemed I knew what was being said. Holistically, it should be a Merit, in my view.

  4. Estelle Seaman says:

    Thanks folks – Merit it is – have a great weekend!

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