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Hi, I am new to teaching French and my moderator is away presently. I would be grateful for any and all help!
Student A has long dark hair and is wearing a striped top in the book club clip. Student B starts the book club discussion and is sitting in the centre. Student C is blonde. The student in the beanie and the male student have not submitted a portfolio so do not achieve.

My thoughts are: Student C – Achieved. Good at prompting others, using non-verbal communication, fillers, etc but errors do hinder communication at times and student has trouble with forming complete sentences orally.

Student A Merit. Good range of vocab in the one-to-one conversation and clear pronunciation. Some errors but they don’t significantly hinder our understanding. Could have participated more actively in the Book Club. Could she get to Excellence by including another pairs conversation?

Student B Low Excellence? Very natural pronunciation, confident, uses synonyms (boulot, metier). Able to use subjunctive – “Mes parents veulent/voulaient? que j’aille a l’universite”.

Note: In the book club the students are holding copies of extracts from Le Petit Prince with their study notes – not notes on what to say in their conversation. The intention was for them to be able to refer to specific quotes / passages from the book. They are not reading off cards.

Please help! If I am miles off track I need to know! Merci

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