Créer-des-liens #29

Créer-des-liens #29

4th november 2017

Welcome to Term IV. Most of us by now will have said farewell to the senior classes, attended prize-givings and will be in full junior mode as we fly towards the end of the academic year.

As we all know, even though the seniors are gone, we are still all nose to the grind stone preparing for 2018 as well as ensuring we do our junior classes justice for the remainder of their academic year. On behalf on the NZAFT, congratulations to you for making it this year, thank you for all your hard work, innovation, commitment to the teaching of French and your generosity.

Below are some key message that have come across our desk since the last update. We hope they are helpful!

In this issue:

  • Professional Learning and Development: Term IV and in 2018
    • BPW workshops
    • ILEP workshops Term IV
    • NZALT conference
  • Competition winners!
  • News from ILEP and our National Advisors
    • ILEP Language Immersion days
    • Applications open for the Introduction to Language Teaching Programme and Consolidation of Language Teaching Programme
  • Quoi de neuf?
    • Zero Fees Scholarships for one year masters in language teaching
    • Teacher news and resources


NZQA Best Practice Workshops – 2018

Proposed dates for NZQA led best practice workshops for 2018/19 are already announced on the NZQA website including locations across Aotearoa:

Languages 20 February 2018 Northland
Languages 1 March 2018 Wellington
Languages 5 March 2018 Online
Languages 21 February 2019 Marlborough
Languages 3 April 2019 Waikato
Languages 6 May 2019 Online

Details on these will be expanded soon. Fuller information is on the NZQA site.

ILEP PLD Workshops Term IV

ILEP are running the following workshops this term which, we strongly encourage you to attend. Details below with more information on the ILEP website.

  1. Focus on culture: Christmas workshops in Auckland + Christchurch aimed at (but not limited to) Junior teachers of French in primary, intermediate and secondary settings.
  2. Focus on pedagogy (secondary – tertiary teachers of French) – with Élatiana Razafi from the University of New Caledonia to discuss intercultural practices of language teaching for secondary + tertiary with a focus on the image as a tool

Details on the links above.

NZALT Conference 2018

With budgets being submitted this term, be sure to include provision to attend the 2018 NZALT Conference to be held in Auckland.

The theme for this conference is organised under the idea of Exploring Other Worlds through Languages with Keynote speakers and several presentations already announced. Details including dates and pricing are on their website.

NZAFT Competition Winners 2018

NZAFT is proud to support the AF concours oral national competition for 2018.

This year the competition took place in September and the NZAFT helped to ensure students in the Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington regions were given the opportunity to participate. We can thank the Federation des Alliances and Pascale Seignolles for support with this. We also thank Suzy Lallemont, Aurelie Kerbellec and Annabelle Sinclair for offering to help examine participants in their region on their weekend.

There was a tight turn around between DELF and the concours national, and we also thank the teachers who enrolled their students in the competition at such short notice.

We congratulate the winners of this year’s competition and commend their teachers for their hard work.

NZAFT Student Competitions

Caleb Clayton & Ricky Lai of Westlake Boys’ High, submitted a professional video of an extremely high standard, relating to environmental issues and are our Level 8 winners for our Term III competition.

Sophie Hursthouse based her 2.2 presentation on topic A, a video to be shown on flights landing in NZ.  She submitted this presentation as her entry at Level 7.  First prize is well deserved.

This term we focus on Years 7 to 9.  As with our “cartoon” competition last year, we invite our débutants to present themselves, this time in a Powerpoint/Google Presentation or Prezzi.  As they prepare and revise for exams, or sum up their year’s learning, this is a great way of getting the students to use their knowledge in a creative way.

Competition details can be found here. For inspiration, show your students last year’s cartoon competition and last year’s video clip competition

Please go to our Concours page for the entry form and other details (scroll down). We’re looking forward to seeing your students’ creations!
The closing date is 5pm, on Friday 17 November.

The NZAFT sponsored Bay Of Plenty Speech Competition was recently held and the following winners have been announced:

Year 9

1st Madeleine Limmer (Bethlehem College)
2nd Freda Prak (Bethlehem College)
3rd Isaac Jarden (Aquinas)

Year 10

1st Hozanna Lopez (John Paul College)
2nd Daniel Nirmalaraj (Aquinas)
3rd Josephine Ward-Johnson (John Paul College)



Language Teaching Programme and Consolidation of Language Teaching Programme

Applications for the above ILEP directed (so you know they’re amazing) PLD programs are now open. Both are 100% complementary with the Teaching as Inquiry and Ta Tataiako processes.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to build your professional practice. Full details can be found at the links below.

Introduction to Language Teaching Programme

Language Teaching Consolidation Programme

ILEP Language Immersion Days

On 8 July 2018, before the opening of the NZALT 2018 conference, ILEP will be offering free language immersion days for language teachers.

All teachers of languages in Aotearoa (primary to secondary) are invited to attend any of the below language immersion days at no charge.

Specific content details for each language immersion day will be released closer to the conference.

For further information, please contact:

Morgan Patterson
Pathway Manager

phone: 09 623 8899 ext. 46 366
mobile: 027 200 2601

To stay up to date with ILEP, join their Facebook Page!

Reminder: PLD Provisioning Announcement

The final thing for members in this space is the recent announcement from the NZALT that they have been awarded the National PLD contact from the Learning Languages Area in a recent decision by the MoE.

The shift to Professional Learning and Development to an SLA is a significant change in the PLD space and members can rest assured that the Executive of the NZAFT will keep you informed as this process develops. The full announcement from the NZALT is below:

“PLD Funding for language teachers

The NZALT Executive was invited late last year by the Ministry of Education to apply for PLD funding as part of the new Networks of Expertise initiative. We are very pleased to announce that our application was successful, and that we have secured funding to enable the provision of PLD to language teachers through to the end of 2018.

This funding will be used to support teachers of all languages, including te reo Māori, Pasifika languages and NZSL. The proposal includes plans to provide a regular newsletter, run inquiry clusters and offer financial awards for teachers to access learning opportunities. We are mindful of the particular challenges faced by some language teachers, for example those in isolated areas, in sole-charge situations, or those who are teaching verification subjects. We want to work collaboratively with the different language groups to identify the different needs that teachers have, and address them.

Information relating to the funding and awards will be available shortly through your Regional Officer, and on the NZALT website. We shall keep you posted!”

Other news ~ Check « Quoi de neuf? » on our Home Page

Zero Fees Scholarships for one year masters in language teaching!

AUT’s Master of Professional Language Studies in Language Teaching is a one year full time course (part time is possible too) for language teachers. For 2018, AUT is offering zero fees for new domestic full time students on this programme for one year or 1.5 years, part time.

The Master of Professional Language Studies offers graduates the opportunity to develop advanced professional skills in teaching an additional language, such as French. The degree is for teachers who have a preliminary qualification and experience in language teaching.

If you would like to learn more about the course, you can visit their website or email the Programme Co-ordinator ( ) and set up a time to have a chat.

Teacher news and resources

A recent meeting of teachers at Westlake Boys’ saw an enthusiastic and dynamic group of teachers meet to share resources, a cup of coffee, cake and ideas for the upcoming year. It was a wonderfully useful evening and gave all of us that attended a very welcome motivation boost!

Attendance was poorer that it could have been though and it would be wonderful to see more of our members at upcoming events, participating in competitions, conferences and sharing resources. Don’t be shy about all the great things we know you’re doing!


From left to right: Constanza Tolosa, Anne Moir Scott and Martin East.

Finally, a massive congratulations to Dr. Anne Moir Scott, currently the Director of Languages and

HOD French at Epsom Girls’ Grammar School, has been a dedicated and effective mainstay of the international languages community for many years.  Not only a great supporter of colleagues’ work across several languages, Anne has always had a keen interest in her own professional learning and development. Anne recently completed her Doctor of Education degree at the University of Auckland, supervised by Martin East and Constanza Tolosa.

Congratulations, Anne, on behalf of the community of students and teachers for whom you have worked so incredibly hard during your career.

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