Rosaria Campbell resigns as National Adviser ~

The Executive of the NZAFT was sad to hear of the resignation of our super-energetic and super-enthusiastic Adviser, Rosaria Campbell.  In her announcement she writes:

It is with mixed feelings that I announce my resignation as National French Adviser. This will be effective as of Term Two and I endeavour to make the most of my last term to support you all.

It has been a privilege and an honour to serve you and my resolve to be an advocate for languages has been strengthened by your collective passion and commitment to the profession.

Against my better wishes, I have decided to step down to seek permanent employment back in the classroom. I am looking forward to being part of a school community again and instilling a passion for French in boys (!), however I value the relationships that I have forged with the wider French-teaching community and hope to keep these avenues of communication open.

In the NFA seat, I have been made even more aware of the challenges that teaching French entails. It is a subject whose survival is marginalised by social attitudes, a need for constant affirmation and justification and is fraught with politics.

I am still convinced that you are the best resource for your students, so I charge you to take care of your bonheur et bien-être: live with passion, lead an exocentric life and let go of disappointments!

Rest assured that French teachers will continue to be supported through efforts by the French Embassy and the ILEP National French Adviser Role.

ILEP will continue to support French Teachers through workshops, the Introduction and Consolidation programme as well as other various initiatives including the Language Course Grant which will be announced shortly

I also encourage you to be active as a member of NZAFT and I thank Danielle Benadie for her ongoing work that she undertakes as the NZAFT president.

For the meantime, we look forward to the joie de vivre that the Alliance Française French Film Festival will bring and the EducationOutreach documents which will be released later today.

Je vous dis à la prochaine – ce n’est qu’un au revoir et je vous souhaite une excellente continuation,

Rosaria Campbell | National French Adviser – ILEP
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