Créer-des-liens #31

Créer-des-liens #31

12th March 2018

“Qui n’avance pas, recule” ~ Unknown

I chose this month’s quote due to the plethora of PLD opportunities being offered by a range of providers in the Learning Languages Space already this year. It occurred to me over the weekend while discussing PLD opportunities with a close friend who teaches biology just how lucky we are for these opportunities.

In today’s teaching environment if we are not learning, we are being left behind and so we encourage you to attend as much PLD as you can, while you can and while it is available to us!

In this issue:

  • Une professeure inspirante – Our own presidente!
  • NZALT conference
  • News from ILEP
  • NZQA literacy requirements consultation
  • News from the Alliance Française
    • AF French Film festival
    • Special Topic Classes

Une professeure inspirante – Our own presidente!

The Learning Languages newsletter (a huge undertaking of considerable breadth and depth) is out and contains many jewels around best practice, pedagogy, positive stories about Language Learning in Aotearoa and much more.

Kicking this month’s issue’s French section off is also a wonderful story about none other than our wonderful Présidente, Danielle Benadie (née Payne) who was recently interviewed as part of a global project on inspiring teachers of French around the world.

What an honour to have such a strong, talented and dedicated woman at the head of the NZAFT. The full story is available here on page 10.

Learning Languages newsletter

Be sure to check out the remainder of the Learning Languages Newsletter here if you haven’t already. There really is a plethora of information in there.

Our thanks go out to ILEP’s Tina Kosleck and her team for the huge amount of work involved in putting together such a valuable publication.

Whakawhetai ahau ki a koe mo te mahi!




NZALT conference

Registrations are open for the NZALT conference in Auckland from Sunday 8th to Wednesday 11th July 2018.

Join your colleagues across the language teaching community to:

  • Engage in presentations on innovative practices, emerging trends and research-informed practices
  • Invigorate your teaching with new ideas from colleagues and experts
  • Share your practices and inspire others
  • Visit exhibits and find resources
  • Celebrate teaching and learning all languages (International languages, Te Reo Māori, Pasifika languages, community languages)

Full registration details here along with details on funding to get there which can be found here. This is an up-skilling opportunity not to be missed.


News from ILEP

As well as the Learning Languages Newsletter, ILEP would like us to let you know about the Language Course Grant for those that are looking to upskill in their chosen language. The applications close on the 21st March so if this is tempting, make sure you apply!

There are a range of options available for all levels of fluency.

Rosaria has gleefully let me know that the Stage de Nouméa details are to be released soon Rosaira tells me. It’s a great trip and speaking from experience, NC is a wonderful(ly affordable) destination for our students as an alternative to France. Stay tuned…


NZQA literacy requirements consultation

A reminder for those interested in feeding back into the process that the NZQA literacy requirements consultation expires for input on the 13th April. Details here on the Forum section of the website.

There has been a lot of chatter in the last two years about Literacy Credits and the issues that these cause for Languages Teachers so speak now or forever hold your peace!


For teachers ~ Kit de Survie


Culture puzzle made with Tarsia

As internals start to kick off and in the run-up to winter (and its bugs), PLD absences etc. do remember that the NZAFT website has many wonderful resources contributed by our generous members.

For those of you that are tech minded and are looking for a great way to engage students in puzzles (this is an excellent relief idea) check out Tarsia, a software that allows you to create little gems such as this:

It’s a little tricky to get your head around to start with but for those interested, I’d be happy to give you some hints and tips (once you’ve read the manual MDR). It’s really worth the time investment and if you show you’re maths colleagues, they’ll love you!



Alliance Française News

The Alliance Française is an amazing resource centre for us as educators. They provide many occasions, festivals, classes (for us and our students) DELF/DALF, the French Film Festival, morning chat groups and more. Check out their current offerings…

French Film Festival

It’s here and even if there aren’t listings for the films that match your timetables, you can still take your students because the theatres are happy to host showings outside the listed times!

The details of the outreach program including teaching resources ready to deliver are on the Education Outreach website so get there (even if it’s without the students and with a glass of wine instead!).

Special Topic Classes

Alliance Française Auckland has a French/ English Translation Class and a Current Affairs Class, suitable for those with an advanced level of French. Both these classes are a great way to use your French while engaging with really interesting ideas and discussion in a dynamic, stimulating class. We are still taking enrolments for both these classes. More info and enrolments here or give us a call 09 376 0009.

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