NZAFT resource sharing challenge ~

One of the goals of our Association is to support teachers of French.  To do this, the Executive provides opportunities for teachers

We have decided to issue a challenge to our members to SHARE ONE RESOURCE before our BGM on Monday 9 July (at the NZALT conference).  Every member who shares a resource on our website before the 9th will go into the draw to win a classroom resource.  The draw will take place at our BGM and you do not have to be present to win.

To kick the challenge off, I have shared my Level 2 spoken presentation task with you.  Sophie Hursthouse won the video clip competition with her presentation last year, which you can view here.

But of course any resource is welcome, at any level.  These can be teaching and assessment resources, cultural information – just anything which will make another teacher’s life easier.  I have also shared a fun, workstation activity (level 5-ish) for students to solve puzzles on cards.  Cards, students’ answer sheets and a master sheet are included.

I will advertise your resource when I have placed it on the correct page.  We’re looking forward to enjoying lots of new activities and ideas in our classrooms.

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