Winners of the Resource-Sharing Challenge ~

Last term a challenge was issued to teachers of French to share a favourite resource on the site, with prizes being drawn at the BGM on 9 July.  Some very interesting and innovative ideas were shared which ranged from fun curriculum activities to help with assessment.  Our prizewinners, drawn at the BGM, were:

  1. Julia Brown, Dilworth College – several practice assessment tasks
  2. Becky Neep, Diocesan School for Girls – a list of authentic French songs for classroom use
  3. Elizabeth Roy (Southland Girls’ High School) – “bird’s eye view” flowchart for brainstorming and scaffolding writing tasks
  4. Debbie Watt (Cashmere High School) – listening exercises to practise distinguishing homophones

They will be receiving a package of French pens and pencils to use as rewards and prizes with their students.

Another resource-sharing activity designed to support our members is in its final stages.  In a few weeks’ time our new and original Practice Exams will be available for its members to use.  These have been created and moderated by experienced teachers, will cover all levels of the externally assessed standards and will be suitable for derived grades. 

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