Créer des liens #33

Créer-des-liens #33

29th August 2018

Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi

In this issue:

  • NZALT Conference
  • ILEP news
    • IF Profs
    • Workshops/regional meetings
  • NZQA resources (moderation and external exams)
  • NZAFT news
    • Mark William’s Award
    • Auckland Quiz
    • NZAFT mock exams
  • Thought Corner

NZALT conference

The first week of the July break saw the biannual NZALT national conference. This was a fantastic event and provided an enormous amount of inspiring, thought-provoking and exciting PLD for language teachers from all over NZ and internationally.

As well as this, the conference provided wonderful opportunities to see old friends and colleagues, discuss challenges and victories and reconnect over our passion – language teaching.

Thank you to all our members who made it! It was great to see so many of you there.

News from ILEP

IF Profs

This incredibly exciting development in French language teaching is growing in reach and will soon be something you are frequently hearing about via our Friends at ILEP, the embassy and our new National Advisor, Manu Ménard.

If you are not already registered, do take a moment to do so and wait with glee the glut of amazing resources that will be available to us as teaching professionals.

Manu’s Website

Manu Ménard, our new national adviser, has created his own blog using Google Sites. The site is an incredible resource containing reflections, motivation, resources, Key dates, professional development

opportunities and more.

Be sure to check out the website here and access the wonders that Manu has pulled together for us. We are blessed to have people such as Manu and Rosaria in these roles – make the most of them!

Included in this is an incredible gesture from Manu – all of his TBT resourcesm – which you can locate here.



This is a busy time of year for us all with .2, .3 and .5s all flooding in as well as preparation for school internal exams.

Now seems like a good moment to remind ourselves that the NZQA website holds a vast number of resources to help us make sound judgments on student assessments by providing, in particular, annotated exemplars of work at each level for every Achievement Standard.

Links to these can be located here.

NZAFT news

New Resources available on the website

There are a number of new resources being loaded onto the website frequently, but we still need your help. If you have a resource to share, please do that by visiting the website. DON’T BE SHY!

This is probably a good time to remind you that Past Papers (choose your level) and Expired Papers are also useful for practice, but should not be used for derived grade purposes.

Mark Williams Award

Each year, the NZAFT awards up to 5 x $200 awards to teachers looking to implement a teacher lead project focussed on enhancing their students’ learning.

Our four Mark Williams Awards recipients for 2018 are:

  • Suzy Lallemant, Shirley Boys’ High School
  • Susan Johnson, Lincoln High School
  • Mary Hamill, Western Heights High School
  • Priscilla Pollard, St Mary’s College

Congratulations to these enthusiastic and innovative teachers!

You can read all about their projects on our Mark Williams page.  We look forward to receiving your reports and photos! Below are some of shots capturing the recent French Quiz run by Priscilla in Auckland which was a fabulous event attended by over 90 students and teachers! More of this please!



Welcome to the NZAFT Committee

The NZALT conference also served as the NZAFT AGM.

Although there were fewer participants than we would have liked at this, we are pleased to announce that some committee positions have been filled by wonderful people who are willing to give of their time to further the mission of the NZAFT and, ultimately, improve the lives of French teacher and students across the motu.

In particular, a warm welcome to Karen Stockill who takes over the role of Présidente! Welcome to the fold, Karen. We are all looking forward to getting to know you over the coming months.

Still needed are someone to take on the Secretary position and Junior Vice-President. YOUR ASSOCIATION NEEDS YOU. Please consider applying.

Thought Corner

Like many of you, I often come across resources, research, articles and news, tools and websites which inspire me as a teacher, engage me as a learner or make me think as an educator.

With this in mind, every now and again I’ll select a few bits and bobs and post them here in the Thought Corner. Read or don’t read, use of don’t use them! The aim is nothing more than to post stuff that I’ve found interesting in the hope that it might do the same for you!

With no further ado, then….

Third Culture and Language Education – “In language education, there has always been a tension between the conventionally agreed upon and collectively shared ways of making meaning by members of a given culture, and the individual idiosyncratic uses of language by speakers and writers”. – Kramsch, 2009.

This paper looks at the role of cultural identity and second language in the classroom and the teaching of foreign languages as the crossing of cultural boundaries. It is an intriguing area of research not often explored in teaching training but one that lends itself to some fascinating possibilities…

Claire’s area of research is applied to linguistics and second language acquisition, as well as to language pedagogy. She is the director of the Berkeley Language Center. She is a world leader in this field!

Bon courage avec les semaines qui suivent et à bientôt.

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