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Moderation 1.2

Please help me with this. Has he read too much? He has attempted a range of language features, but he has made LOADS of errors – too many to award Achieved? I’d really appreciate your advice here – thanks

Moderation 2.2

Could you please check this presentation? I think Not Achieved as there are no language features present at Level 2. She has tried to use a conditional (she used the future “vous aimerez” and she’s used the imparfait where she should have used the future – Quand vous arriviez. Your thoughts please?

Moderation 2.5

Bonjour. I’d appreciate your advice on this one. What he’s saying is great but it’s how he says it. Mistakes like “mais nous savions que cela grave encore pour lui” and “Je devrais le bon rendre” definitely hinder understanding, but is this good enough for Merit?

Moderation 2.2

Bonjour everyone I am grappling with this presentation. She has errors of all kinds, but are there too many? The question I suppose is has she “successfully” used sufficient language features for E? Although there are tense errors etc, I don’t think they hinder understanding. I would welcome your advice: Thanks Estelle

Moderation 1.2 presentation

How much reading is too much? In spite of my repeated warnings I have students who have read from completely copied out speeches. Please look at this example. He has a good presentation with all the structures etc and I would put him on a “merit”. There are some errors of tense which hinder understanding. […]