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Créer des liens #33

Créer-des-liens #33 29th August 2018 Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi In this issue: NZALT Conference ILEP news IF Profs Workshops/regional meetings NZQA resources (moderation and external exams) NZAFT news Mark William’s Award Auckland Quiz NZAFT mock exams Thought Corner NZALT conference The first week of the July break saw […]

Créer des liens #32

Créer-des-liens #32 11th May 2018 Ko tōu reo, ko tōku reo, te tuakiri tangata. Tīhei uriuri, tīhei nakonako. With the holidays behind us as well as the longest term of the year, I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into this term – the one where it feels like we get the most teaching done. […]

Créer-des-liens #31

Créer-des-liens #31 12th March 2018 “Qui n’avance pas, recule” ~ Unknown I chose this month’s quote due to the plethora of PLD opportunities being offered by a range of providers in the Learning Languages Space already this year. It occurred to me over the weekend while discussing PLD opportunities with a close friend who teaches […]

Creér-des-liens #30

Créer-des-liens #30 5th February 2018 “Je n’ai jamais été cool – et je m’en fou” ~ Celine Dion Welcome to the start of the academic year everyone. I know that you will all be excited to meet students, greet familiar faces, colleagues and launch into what is promising to be a wonderful year with many […]

Créer-des-liens #29

Créer-des-liens #29 4th november 2017 Welcome to Term IV. Most of us by now will have said farewell to the senior classes, attended prize-givings and will be in full junior mode as we fly towards the end of the academic year. As we all know, even though the seniors are gone, we are still all […]

Créer-des-liens #28

Créer-des-liens #28 1st September 2017 L’hirondelle ne fait pas le printemps ~ inconnu Happy spring! The magnolia are flowering, daffodils are budding and blossom trees are in bloom – small but important reminders as we plough our way through the internal assessments and mock exam season that summer beckons and so does the departure of […]

Créer-des-liens #27

Créer-des-liens #27 08 août 2017 Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir ~ inconnu Term III is upon us and for most, that means internal assessments, feedback, feed forward, moderation, marking, mock exams and less sleep as we push our way to the soon looming externals. It is a busy term for teachers and students alike. Reserves […]

Créer-des-liens #26

Créer-des-liens #26 05 juillet 2017 L’habit ne fait pas le moine ~ inconnu Term II holidays are upon us and like you, I am more than ready for the winter break with two weeks of quiet after the business of a busy and demanding term before we enter into the gambit of internal assessments, school […]

Créer-des-liens #25

Créer-des-liens #25 01 juin 2017 Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid ~ inconnu Welcome to issue two of Créer des liens for Term II. There is SO MUCH happened for French teachers across Aotearoa that it’s been hard to reduce it down but there is always more that we don’t know about. If you […]

Créer-des-liens #24

Créer-des-liens #24 11 Avril 2017 Je dépense donc je suis ~ inconnu   Welcome back to Term II everyone. There is a huge amount happening this term which I am sure you will already be aware if but below is a summary of things that you may want to have on your radar in particular. Messages […]

Créer-des-liens #23

Créer-des-liens #23 05 Avril 2017 Ceux qui peuvent vous faire croire en des absurdités pourront vous faire commettre des atrocités ~ Voltaire   Welcome to the second Quoi de neuf for 2017. I’m sure you are all in a similar state of disbelief when I realise that there are just 9 teaching days left in […]

Créer-des-liens #22

Créer-des-liens #22 05 March 2017 L’écriture est le seul espace de liberté absolue ~ Nicolas Fargues Welcome to the first Créer des liens for 2017! It’s my pleasure to kick this off again with the intention being to publish something every couple of weeks. If you have anything you’d like posted about or a resource you […]

Créer-des-liens #21

13 March 2016 Rien ne réussit comme le succès ~ Alexandre Dumas (1802 – 1870) NZAFT membership A reminder that the “early bird” discount expires at the end of the term.  For $2.50 per month you will have access to the support and expertise of willing, experienced French teachers all over New Zealand.  Through your […]

Créer-des-liens #20

1 February 2016 – Je cherche des amis.  Qu’est-ce que signifie « apprivoiser » ? – C’est une chose trop oubliée, dit le renard. Ça signifie « créer des liens… »  [Le Petit Prince ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry] Welcome to 2016!  The NZAFT Executive wishes you all the best for an enjoyable and successful year; making friends, networking, sharing […]