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NZAFT 2019 Moderated Practice Examinations ~

Bonjour The 2019 Moderated Practice Examinations are now available on the NZAFT website at this link.  

Les Petits Kiwis

Les Petits Kiwis (Reading Kiwis) is a book festival focusing on children’s illustration that will tour all over New Zealand in libraries, bookstores, schools and Alliances Françaises in May 2019. Two well-known French authors and illustrators, Clotilde Perrin and Eric Veillé, will hold workshops and give lectures in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton and Palmerston North. Click here for more information.

Membership Subscription for 2019

Bonjour There has been an upgrade to the website and the Registration and Membership process has changed.  To update your membership for 2019, or to become a paid member for the first time, please go to the website and click on Register on the Website and then follow the instructions to renew your subscription for […]

A song to begin the year ~

Bonjour Bonne Année ! Stefanie Hossbach, St Margaret’s College, has shared a song to inspire your senior students at the start of this new school year. This is suitable for NCEA Level 3 or IB 12 (Organisation Sociale). The resource includes a worksheet and link to a YouTube video of the song by Patrick Fiori – a […]

Les fruits et légumes moches

Aaron Nolan, HOD at Birkenhead, year 10 targeted but my year 10s are outstanding so it may be better suited to year 11 and even year 12. First task is a vocab definition/priming activity in prep for the reading. Second is a reading comp, third is a listening comprehension, fourth is a writing. It took […]