Concours 2018

arc stairs 800 by 200

L’escalier de l’Arc de Triomphe



The NZAFT encourages students at all levels to participate in their competitions.  This is an opportunity for students of French from all over the country to explore and develop their language and to be as creative as they like. It is often while being released from the formal constraints of the teaching programme, that students engage with their learning much more and collaborative, innovative learning takes over.  Enjoyment is increased, talents are revealed, celebrated and rewarded, and memories created.


Concours for 2018

Our competitions this year will be run on our Concours Facebook page.  Details for our first competition are below.

Teachers are encouraged to join our Concours group page and give their students membership of the group.


Écriture Sans Frontières

Here’s a new challenge for Year 12 and Year 13 students. When Pascal Dupin and Glyn Strange retired from full scale work, the Jeunes Auteurs Pour l’Europe competition became unavailable for NZ schools. For more than 10 years our students struggled splendidly to complete the tasks during our first term, but for many it wasn’t the right time for it. Now, Pascal and Glyn are offering a new competition which operates in much the same way as Jeunes Auteurs did: students choose an “amorce” (a bait) and complete a story of their own within three pages.

The competition they have devised fits in better with the New Zealand school year. For more than 10 years capable students had managed to do very well in Jeunes Auteurs but many had pulled out through lack of time in Term 1. Only a few schools took part. Now it is going to be much easier, with a deadline late in August.
Have a look at the arrangements, forms to fill, and most importantly the “amorces” which students can get started on as soon as you like.

Ecriture-sans-frontières – Information and enrolment form
Ecriture-amorces – Starter topics

Thanks to NZAFT, ILEP and the teachers who have helped set this up.  We hope this will be a useful challenge for your students.

Please email Glyn Strange at Clerestory Press if you have any questions.


Concours Année 10 et Année 11

Congratulations to our prizewinners:
Year 11
Popular vote ~ Tie between Merle Roth and Tom Collin (both of Rangitoto College)
Judges’ vote ~ Tie between Merle Roth and Tom Collin
Year 10 ~ Popular vote and Judges’ vote ~ Poppy Selby-Page (Rangitoto College)

All entries can be viewed on our Facebook Page.