Le carrelage à Chenonceau après des années

Frequently asked questions


How do I join the NZAFT?

Fill in the membership form and pay the subscription fee.

Who can join the NZAFT?

Anyone who is interested in the teaching and learning of French in New Zealand is welcome to join our association.

Why must I register on the site?

  • Discussion Forums can be susceptible to spam posts. To limit our vulnerability we make the Discussion Forum accessible only to visitors who have registered. Therefore for casual visitors to the site to participate in the Discussion Forum the registration form must be completed and approved.
  • To ensure copyright is not breached, access to resources created and shared by members is restricted to members of the NZAFT only. Participation in the Moderation forum is also restricted to members only to ensure students’privacy. You must complete the registration form so that you can be granted access when your subscription is paid.

How do I pay my subscription?

Payment is online only.  Bank details and instructions can be found when you submit your on the membership form.
If you have already registered as a member here are the bank details again:
Direct Credit to NZAFT Account # : 02-0432-0362355-000
Specify your name in particulars.

What do I get for my subscription?

  • The NZAFT is your voice. Without members we could not exist to represent you in forums (for example the Ministry) which affect our teaching and learning. The strength of our voice is dependent on a broad base of membership.
  • Being part of a family of teachers of French in New Zealand provides opportunities for networking with others who share your passion for teaching and learning French.
  • Members are able to share or glean knowledge of their subject – language and culture – by belonging to a hub of professional colleagues.
  • Through the website, resources and ideas can be shared and accessed by members, providing a wealth of teaching materials.
  • You and your school will be eligible to apply for the Mark Williams award for financial assistance for your project.
  • Your students will be able to enter our “Concours” which offer excellent opportunities for creativity and also good prizes.
  • Support is readily available regarding curriculum matters, through other members or your regional officer.
  • The sharing of assessment material, experience and moderation opportunities is possible across the country.
  • Opportunities for professional development are available to members.

I want to enter some students into a “Concours” but I’ve forgotten my membership number. How do I find out my membership number?

The NZAFT database is not public. Please send a query by filling in this form.

I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

Fill in the form on the forgotten password page using your registered email address to complete the process of getting a new password.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password on the My account page. Click “EDIT” on the right hand side of the page.