Intermediate Yr 7 & 8

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Resources for Language Teaching at Intermediate Schools


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Numbers from 1 to 10
James Donaldson
Iona College
PDF file

Talking about age/money to introduce 1 – 10 or 11-20.
1.Have the numbers of the day on a card in French and as a number. Have 10 students introduce them with your help. Each of the 10 introduce them and the others repeat.
2. With the numbers still visible to all, time the students to count the ten numbers being learnt.
3. Jumping game – have three chairs at the front of the room and three lists for the students eg student 1 – un trois sept neuf student 2 – deux trois cinq dix student 3 – quatre six sept huit The teacher reads out from 1 – 10 the student jumps up and down when one of the numbers on their card is read out, the others are trying to work out what one student has on each card. When the others guess what is on one student’s card they ask in French. The student cannot answer as they go only once all 4 numbers are answered.
4. Have the students copy the numbers down.
5. Students produce a page with numbers on them in their book.

Numbers for Year 7-8



Mihi in Mãori and in French
Powerpoint and Worksheet
Debbie Watt
Cashmere High School
Powerpoint and Word document

A great way to start the year with beginners – creating their mihi in French

Mihi worksheet

Mihi powerpoint



Level 1-2 (Year 7-8) 13 lesson unit to teach basic phrases through the theme of the aquarium. Word file gives instructions and weblinks. PPT – is an alphabet using marine life as the theme.
Sue Pommarède
Woodford House
Word doc and Powerpoint

This is a comprehensive 13 lesson plan to teach basic level 1 and 2 vocab and structures.

Aquarium themed unit of work – l’alphabet
Aquarium themed unit of work – lesson sequence


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