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Moderation forum


Guidelines for using this forum ~ important, please read:

  • This forum is designed to facilitate the exchange of ideas and opinions between professionals. However, the advice and ideas expressed by your colleagues in this forum do not replace the Internal Moderation procedures of individual schools.
  • In the “Post Title” field, type “Moderation” and the standard you require help with (e.g. 2.5)
  • Upload your file(s) for moderation where it/they can be accessed by other teachers (e.g. on your Google Drive)
  • Paste the “can view” link in the “Post Content” field and explain what assistance you would like.
  • Be specific in your request for assistance ~ e.g. “Does this student read her presentation too much to achieve?” OR “How could I change/improve this task to encourage students to use the subjunctive?”.
  • Be constructive in your comments and advice.
  • Your post will appear in the right-hand sidebar of the website’s Home Page for easy access.
  • Respect the privacy of students at all times.
  • For advice, help and guidance consult the NCEA website.


Recent requests for moderation

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Submit your request

  • Fill in the form below for help with moderation.
  • In the “Post Title” field, type “Moderation” and the standard you require help with (e.g. 2.5)
  • In the “Post tags” field, also type “Moderation” and the standard number
  • In the “Post Content” field, explain your question AND paste a link to the file of the student’s work
  • Don’t forget to paste a link to your student’s file
  • Click “Submit post”
  • Your post will appear in the sidebar on the website Home Page where teachers can access your post and give their feedback.
  • NOW it is very important that you Post a New Topic in the Discussion Forum, drawing subscribers’ attention to your Moderation Request.  Do this on the Discussion Forum page.