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Research project funded by the NZAFT

During 2013 and 2014, Teryl Yogeeswaran and Claire Leschi conducted a research project focusing on French in the Job Market, which was funded by the NZAFT.

Read their report here.

Future Focus Survey

At the end of 2015 the NZAFT asked members of the French Teaching community (via the ListServ) to respond to a survey about the Online Pilot Practice Assessment (Level 1 Listening) run by the NZQA. Below is a summary of the responses:

Summary of responses to the Future Focus survey ~ online digital Level 1 Listening assesssment


Time allocated to Language Learning in Schools ~ please complete the survey

In preparation for discussions with Senior Management, HODs often ask other teachers how much time their school allows for language learning. The data generated by this survey may empower leaders in Languages to put a case for more language learning time at their school.

Please complete one survey per school.
You can view the responses to this survey below – please allow 5 minutes for your response to appear, or try refreshing the page.


Responses to Time Allocation survey