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lightbulblanguages ~ resources, games, web quests, listening, juniors end of year

frenchwizard ~ listening resources and exercises

lefrancaisalamaison ~ immersion family experiences with French lessons, south of France

Youtube ~ exercise warm ups, 5-a-day-French-songs, search others from this link, vocabulary and fun

Buzzfeed ~ 27 French activities which seem bizarre to other cultures, culture, faire la bise, eating, greeting

icalendrier – Dates of all events in France

whatiflearning ~ encourage deeper thinking about language learning, seniors

YouTube ~ Black Lives Matter – video clip, colonisation, Algeria, immigration, racism

languagesonline Australia – the Australian site, exercises, interactive exercises, worksheets

edpuzzle – use with videos, a good replacement for Zaption which is closing down 30/9/2016

françaisavecpierre – listening, videos, intermediate level

languageguide – reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, all levels

podcastfrançaisfacile – listening practice, conversations, dialogues, transcripts – grammar, verbs, comprehensive grammar notes, online exercises

YouTube – “Le café” ~ Oldelaf, song, fun, grammar, paroles/words

gé – New Zealand, videos, reading, seniors

Edu 365” – fairy tales, stories, interactive, with activities for juniors, reading, listening

“Bookbox” – download games, activities and stories for free

“Bookbox” – stories on YouTube

“Languages Online” – interactive exercises, vocabulary, grammar, Tricolore, click on “français”

Acapela group – type a sentence and listen to it, pronunciation

“French.about” – listening all levels

“Learn French by podcast” – listening all levels

“Kahoot” – interactive quizzes, whole class competition

“TES Blendspace ~ Noël en France” – activities, Christmas, culture, food ~ conditionnel, Bigflo and Oli song, “Dommage” ~ paroles

visual education media ~ for French DVDs ~ subjunctivisor, check which expressions require the subjunctive

Youtube ~ Chez Mimi series, videos, culture, vocabulary, juniors, fun ~ Pollution short film, Let’s Pollute ~ a paying site for French lessons but some free content, common errors, tips, why to learn French, vocabulary ~ quizzes, all topics, juniors – listening for seniors, videos, questions and corrections. Level B2.

playposit – use videos to engage students, good replacement for Zaption, will migrate Zaption videos

clickview – use with videos, a possible replacement for Zaption which is closing down 30/9/2016

actufle – understanding the news, listening, level B2, DELF preparation

gabfle – listening practice, all levels, wide range of topics

filmeducation – resources for teaching film

françaisfacile – lessons, grammar notes, exercises – free resources

Pick the Brain – top 17 websites for language learning, reviewed, pros and cons

Languagenut – all levels, intermediates, games, interactive, assign homework, track student progress, create content

Linguo-TV” – videos, sub-titles, reading, listening all levels

“Digital Dialects” – games with vocabulary, verbs and grammar

“Duolingo” – French course basic to advanced, grammar, vocabulary, exercises

“Momes” – culture, games for French children

“BBC Ma France” – 24 level 1 videos, listening

“fr.ver-taal” – vocabulary, listening, grammar, games, all levels

French songs – activities, reading listening

Livraginarium – YouTube clips of books for junior reading

monde.bayard-milan ~ French magazines

Youtube ~ Trotro, French television show, videos, juniors, vocabulary, fun ~ video, seniors, uniform debate

Resource room ~ classroom resources ~ full length movie, no subtitles, L’avant-veille de Noël, Christmas ~ 10 indispensable online resources for French teachers

franc parler – French teachers’ site for resources and information

madameshepard – resources shared, all levels, all topics

govocab – site for vocabulary learning – news, listening, transcripts, grammar, quizzes, intermediate level, needs subscription

YouTube clip – learn French by cooking, cuisiner, la quiche, Year 10, food – board game, giving opinions, any level, blank template

YouTube – “Mère Nature”, nature, environment, short video clip

Instant display – free and for purchase posters for your classroom

GTSquared – reasons for learning a foreign language, video, all levels

Lindsay does languages – reasons for learning another language, video, fun

“Vivenoel” – Christmas activities, games and fun.  Worksheet

“Rangilanguages” – fun videos, selection of cat videos

“French.about” – sign up for weekly newsletter, grammar, culture, exercise, listening, reading

“1jour1actu” – news, videos, listening, reading, all levels

“French.about” – reading all levels

“Kids Out World Stories” – stories for juniors, reading, listening” – free audiobooks to download, listening” – listening ideas, listening exercises” – reading ideas and links” – writing help and links” – ideas for speaking practice – Board game for Environment topic ~ GCSE past papers and mark schemes OR find your qualification ~ access to tutors, online lessons, lessons at home, learn French online

pamhook ~ SOLO taxonomy hexagon generator ~ French lessons, some free resources

languagelearningbase ~ videos with subtitles, junior

le cadavre exquis – easy, fun, game

dobble generator – if you like the game “Dobble” this site allows you to create your own game, games, juniors – grammar rules in pictures, links to lessons and worksheets, French explanations

blendspace – digital site where you can use online materials to create your own lessons, add your own lessons, share with your students

memrise – site for learning vocabulary

françaisfacile – pronouns, y, en, video and exercises

mmeevansfrench – film resources

BonjourdeFrance – listening, all levels, grammar, DELF preparation

francetvinfo – video, reportage, les jeunes, le stress, enfants sous pression

YouTube – “Je suis votre maison”, nature, environment, short video clip

alienlanguage – revise, body parts, create an alien, creative – Valentine’s Day, courting, flirting, love vocabulary, videos

Mia Nacamulli – the benefits of a bilingual brain, video, all levels

“Bonjour de France” – grammar, listening, reading, culture, DELF, all levels

“Education Scotland” – level 1 listening exercises

Song lyrics – listening

“TV5Monde” – news, listening for level 2 and 3, culture

“French.about” – daily words, quotes, quizzes and more

“French moments” – all about France: language, culture, experience

“Quizup” – games, interactive, competitions, all topics, vocabulary, grammar