Where to with French?

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 How our students have gone on to use their French


Where do international capabilities fit in the New Zealand Curriculum?


We are interested in collating information, stories and photos / videos of former students of French, who have gone on to use their French in their future career.  Real-life stories are the best source of motivation for our students and highly convincing for some of our sceptical parents, who often do not see how their child could use French in a future career.

 It would be great to have a gallery of our ex-students faces under the heading ‘Where are they now?’ and a brief outline of how French helped them to achieve their career goal.  We need your help for this, so please start contacting students you have taught recently.


Here are some links to job-seeking websites dedicated to jobs requiring people with foreign languages (types “languages” in the “what” field).  Explore with your classes…


One of Sue Pommarède’s ex-students, Katie Yates, has compiled this video of her experiences as a nanny in France.  Her story is a good motivator for students thinking of taking a “gap” year in France.


Learn an additional language ~ ILEP 2015


French is NOT a useless language ~ Emmanuelle Labeau, Senior Lecturer in French Language and Linguistics, Aston University, replies to an attack on French by Jeremy Paxman.

If you have a story and/or photos to add to this page, please use our “Share a resource” uploading facility.