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Welcome to our website where you will find accessible ideas and resources for teachers of French in New Zealand.

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Why you should join the NZAFT

  • The NZAFT is your voice. Without members we could not exist to represent you in forums (for example the Ministry) which affect our teaching and learning. The strength of our voice is dependent on a broad base of membership.
  • You are part of a family of teachers of French in New Zealand which provides opportunities for networking with others who share your passion for teaching and learning French.
  • Members are able to share or glean knowledge of their subject – language and culture – by belonging to a hub of professional colleagues.
  • You and your school are eligible to apply for the Mark Williams award for financial assistance for your project.
  • Your students are able to enter our “Concours” which offer excellent opportunities for creativity and also good prizes.
  • Support is readily available regarding curriculum matters, through other members or your regional officer.
  • The sharing of assessment material, experience and moderation opportunities (via the Moderation Forum on this website) is possible across the country.
  • Opportunities for professional development are available to members.
  • Through the website, resources and ideas can be shared and accessed by members, providing a wealth of teaching materials.



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